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Conversion Rate Optimization

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Know Everything About Conversion Rate Optimization
Digital Marketing is playing an important role when it comes to marketing a product for a business. Most of the marketer’s main aim is to turn the traffic that has been obtained by the website into the leads. This conversion process is very important for any kind of business. Every site has some goals and when the visitors complete those goals then it is considered as conversion. Be it forms filling, subscribing or any other such process, the visitors play a major role. The goals of these websites vary for each website. If you have a website for selling some products, then the major goal of your website is to sell the products which mean you have to make the visitor buy your product.

The minor goals of websites are making visitors subscribe for the emails, etc. The conversion for a website can be divided into two types- macro conversions and micro conversions.

Macro Conversions

The macro conversions are the major goals of the websites. Achieving these goals will benefit the website financially and brings a lot of change in the business.

  • Purchasing any product or availing a service from the website.
  • Requesting a quote from the website
  • Subscribing to any service
  • Minor conversions
  • Creating an account in the website
  • Singing up for emails
  • Adding a product to the cart

How To Calculate the Conversion Rate
It is important to understand how much important the conversion rate is for a website. Your site’s conversion rate refers to the number of times a user completes the goal divided by the traffic of the website. If a user converts his visit to your site by purchasing any product or availing a service then divide the number of conversions with the number of sessions.

Effective Conversion Rate Strategies

The conversion rate optimization is something that is purely organic. No one can do anything about this optimization rate. It completely depends upon how well the website is maintained and the efficiency of the website owner.

  • Text Based CTAs
    This is very important. Most of the website visitors do not prefer a call to action button and they don’t even browse to the bottom of the page. So it is important for you to include that call to action button in the blog post. It should be formatted as H3 or H4 and should be included in the blog post only. This is one of the effective ways of generating traffic.
  • Including Lead Flows into the Blog
    The pop-ups on the website are very important in lead generations. An interesting pop up will surely attract many visitors towards it and this will surely bring in the success of the blog. There are so many types of pop-ups one can opt- slide in the box, pop up the box, drop down banner are some of the examples.
  • Run Some Tests on the Landing Pages
    This is very important. You have to keep an eye on the landing pages and understand how much effectively it has been optimized. It is very important and one has to run the A/B test on these landing pages to know how effectively they convert.
  • Immediate Call To Action for the Leads
    There are some visitors who visit the website with the sole purpose of purchasing. It is important to respond to them using a call to action button and help them in purchasing the product immediately. This way the visitor is converted into the lead immediately.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Improved Insights of the Customers
    The conversion rate optimization will help in finding your set of targeted audience. There is no use of having so much traffic to the website if it is not doing any good. So it is important to get in touch with the right set of people to make your business a huge success.
  • Better ROI
    The conversion rate optimization helps in generating leads to the website and this, in turn, brings in better returns on the investments
  • Better Scalability
    By turning each visitor of your website into a buyer, you will be benefitted a lot and you won’t run out of the resources either. So the conversion rate optimization helps in obtaining better CRO for the website.

Conversion rate optimization plays a huge role when it comes to the success of the business. So it is important to take necessary action to get good conversion rate optimization for the website.

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