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We at the Explosionweb Solutions company are a group of enthusiastic digital marketers who help the client in increasing the ROI of a particular website through our Varanasi SEO Service. We get eyes on the site by doing various researches not only for the traffic but also for their Business. We are listed as one of the best Varanasi seo agency services provider. We provide complete business solutions for internet marketing combines  SEO, SMO, PPC, SMM, ICO Marketing, Crypto Seo and Email Marketing into integrated strategies. We are the top #1 ranked in New Jersey SEO Service. SEO offers a visible and effective search presence leading to a considerable increase of sales, profitability, and cost efficiency for our clients.


Digital Marketing Services in Varanasi

We help companies profit wildly through digital marketing. Get Organic Traffic for your Business & Revenue

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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization increases organic traffic on a website. SEO includes many things like well development, structure and linking of the site with other trustworthy sources which make the content understandable for human and search engines both.

Why is SEO Important?

36% of Google users click on top three results

Vast traffic comes from search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. If your site is not optimized well according to their search terms, you can’t get more traffic. Loss of traffic directly impacts your business. Through seo services in Varanasi, you can get massive traffic not only from India but any geographical area which suits your Business. Our search engine optimization agency Varanasi assures you great ROI at low cost.

SEO is essential for both new startups and Industry Leaders. Everyday, no matter from where you’re driving your traffic, whichever channel you’re using. They change their policy and working process more frequently than they did ever. Our team of experts and trend analysts always keep an eye on these trends and Updates of those channels. They optimize the campaign and site as per those trends to make your website and campaign most leveraging one.

If you are not in top 3, your SEO plan needs an Experiment

No matter in which continent, culture or country you serve but SEO is must for you today. Economies are becoming digital oriented, and you have to make an active online presence to be in the race. SEO gives you exposure locally and internationally both.

How does SEO work?

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Keyword Research

Successful execution of an SEO campaign starts from identification of most effective and leveraging keywords as per your Business and Industry you’re serving in which. We do this for your website after getting all insights. Our experts use the only keywords on which not only you can rank, but you can rule your niche or category of your business locally and internationally both.

Competitive Analysis

After getting those bunch of keywords we analysis the competition on those through many scales and tools. We go in-depth analysis of every single keyword on which your game is getting business more than you. We always identify the low-cost ways to increase your visibility. We analyse numerous strategies and choose the best ones for you. We use a different strategy for a different channel and the different region as well. Our process of giving you local customers and customers from another country is different. One thing the same in our process and that is their effectiveness.  We analysis the competition of our client and after that we send a report to a detailed report to you. Our campaign starts after our client’s approval.

Link Building

We search the websites of your category which are there for a long run and list you there for getting relevant traffic. These high-quality sites also help you increasing your trust on search engine scale and winning the heart of your customer as well. We believe in making friendship not only links. This results in huge business growth for the long run.

Regular Blog Posts

This is user experience which affects the business more than anything. Whether it’s your content or structure of the site if that’s not according to the search engine and your visitor, you will have no business. Our talented team of writers, developers and designers help you make your site appealing and business driving from all aspects. We publish regular blog posts to draw the attention of your targeted customer. Our blog posts quality and success rate is quite high. We post them consistently. Our writers craft informative and search engine friendly blog posts. From each blog post, your visitor can learn something new and vital about you and your business. We believe that consistency wins the race.


Our prime focus is not only getting your site ranked or driving business for you, but we also design everything related to your personality by testing on different scales including colour and psychology as well. Our experts have a unique skill set of neuromarketing. By “Neuromarketing” we mean that we target your customers subconsciously. This makes them choose you over your competition.  We also focus on delivering your message among visitors and establish your unique identity in their minds. This process gives repetitive business and customers who trust you more than your competition.


We are one of the respected and trustworthy Varanasi seo service providers among the most famous Varanasi seo agencies. We believe in providing results and being on our words. Our claim of being the best Varanasi digital marketing service provider is coming from the satisfied clients we have.

  • We are Google partners for both tools analytics and Adwords. This means we specialise in both driving traffic from SEO and PPC.
  • Our SEO team is a group of professionals having a decade of experience and expert in understanding consumer behavior and psychology by which they give you customers for whom your product or service is the best fit.
  • Our team of coding and website developers has an in-depth knowledge of algorithms and their working process by which they make your ranking path easy and achievable. Our experts have experience in serving national and internationally ranked IT companies. They are familiar with laws and rules which makes your business safe online and offline as well.
  • We are committed to delivering the project on the given deadline. We stand for our words. We meet the client’s expectation of quality and trust.


Our 100% customer satisfaction rate also makes us the best ny seo agency to choose for uplifting your business.
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Trust us to Boost your Crypto Business

A powerful digital marketing plan coupled with outstanding Search Engine optimization can give a head start while launching your name into the Crypto market. Don’t wait for circumstances to get the better of you and engage us for ICO SEO to mark an exceptional beginning. When inducted during the implementation stages SEO can do wonders to make your digital currency business realize it’s actual potential.

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